1. Career Counseling

  1. Every child is unique. Find your child's unique ability with us
  2. Know yourself

2. PDP

  1. Goal Setting & Action Plan
  2. Stress removal system
  3. Enhancement of brain potential with brain NJ gyming - Public Speaking
  4. Communication Skill - P.D.R.S(Personality Defects Removal System) - Spoken English - How to crack interviews

IQ development

1. The Rise in IQ Level

  1. Our Programs are designed to augment the Intelligence Quotient of the child through various exercises that we have ingrained into our programs. Children have shown an increase in the Intelligence Quotient on completion of our programs.

3. Improves Academic Performance

  1. It has been observed that children who have undergone our programs have shown improvements in their academic performance.

5. Increased Control on Emotions

  1. The Combined training that we provide has shown that students are able to better control their emotions. They will be able to Socialise & network with people better, they will be able to love and respect people and surrounding which in turn will lead to their gaining love, respect and a better and healthier social environment.

2. High Brain Integration and Efficiency

  1. The Efficiency of the Brain to process and coordinate between the different thought processes is an observed point of Improvement.

4. Better Retention and Recall

  1. At the higher level of our course, we have specific modules that help the children to increase the memory power – Retention and Recall of learned content is better after this level.

6. Better Focus & Confidence

  1. One of the program objectives during the design phase has been to see that it would ultimately help the children to improve their levels of focus and concentration. This also helps the students to gain confidence and this is one of the major advantages of the program. They believe in themselves showing more confidence.